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Honest Family Rug Cleaners & Repair Specialists

Owner Reza Hafezi w/ daughter & executive boss-of-all-operations Niki

Hello, my name is Reza and I am your dedicated rug maintenance specialist. I was brought up in the fine rug capital of the world, Iran, in a family where Persian handwoven rugs were regarded as magnificent art pieces. Naturally, I developed a profound enthusiasm in the field. As a result, in the mid-80’s, at a very young age, I started to educate myself and chose rug services as my main profession. To this end, traveling to the cities and villages where these masterpieces are designed and woven was an inseparable part of my mission. I spent a countless amount of time working and surrounding myself around various professional rug cleaners and repair specialists, learning different techniques and evaluating their effectiveness. This extensive exposure provided a reliable milestone for my experiences on which I could build my further endeavors and create a system that would be a culmination of these lessons. From 2005 my family and I brought this expertise to The States and have been providing high quality trade and maintenance services here ever since. First in Rocksville, Maryland and later on to the residents of the Los Angeles County. Proving the definitive quality of our services is my business.

Our Team of Rug Cleaners & Repair Specialists

Babash Rug Services is managed by the father, mother and son team of Reza, Elham, Kevin and Ali Hafezi. Our famous 11 step rug cleaning process is one of the safest and most effective and affordable cleaning procedures in the industry! Our repair and cleaning staff are the culmination of years of practical experience combined with a passion for fine handwoven rugs. Furthermore, our owner is a member of the rug cleaning team himself; he operates and oversees every single rug that we clean and repair to assure the safety and quality of rug cleaning. It doesn’t just stop at our rug cleaners, the Los Angeles-based repair team we work with have workers which all have experience ranging from 20-50 years in rug maintenance work. Our staff’s pool of knowledge allows us to expertly delivery quality service through every job.

Our Facility

Babash Rug Services is located in the city of Canoga Park. Our convenient location allows us to serve the entire Los Angeles county with our rug services, as well as residents of the San Fernando valley and surrounding Ventura county. Our premises feature an outdoor pallet area, the only one of its kind in the Los Angeles county, which are cleaned daily before washing begins, on which we lay the rugs to dry after putting them in our drier. This area receives an abundant amount of sunlight and we use it to dry your rugs naturally. The process is eco-friendly and also amplifies the sheen our washing process gives to the rugs. Inside, we have our washing plant featuring french drains which allow us to move the dirty water away from your rug, instead of letting the rug be soaked in its own dirt.

Our Equipment

We believe in using detergents that are safe for you, your pets and children. This detergent is biodegradable, and fulfills our standards of safety for both our workers and our customers.

We rely first and foremost on our state-of-the-art dusting machine. Our dusting machine has many advantages over other dusting machines. You can read about our entire cleaning process here. First, it is waterproof which allows us to soak your rug in water before washing. The water along with its pressure turns the soil into mud, which the duster along with detergent eliminates. Secondly, the duster features leather straps, which quickly rotate thanks to the powerful engine to unsettle dust and soil from deep within the rug. Third, it is portable which means it is human operated and moved. This approach is the best of both worlds as it allows to pay attention to fine details of your rugs where they need them the most, while still using the force of high powered machinery to truly deep clean the rug in a way that humans cannot achieve.

After unsettling and then eliminating the mud and soil in the rug with our duster and through the use of flat spades, a fine film of dust might still naturally exists on the surface. To eliminate this, we use our orbital scrubber, along with a second batch of detergent, which are used to clean the rugs smut on the surface in fine detail.

Lastly we have our state-of-the-art centrifuge rug drying machine. This machine quickly rotates to eliminate about 95% of the water in the rug within a span of two-three minutes. This is crucial to making sure the rug stays clean as leaving abundant water in the rug can lead to a murky odor, color bleeding and yellowing of the rug. This is one of the main reasons why rug cleaning cannot be done at home. To eliminate the remaining 5% of water, the rug is put on our pallets for a few hours, under the sun, to dry.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional work, both in quality and in customer service, at the most affordable rate possible. We believe in using 100% organic detergent that is safe for you, your pets and children. We believe in a vigorous wash thats purpose is to eliminate soil and dust from deep within the rug. Our research has led to strategies that allow us to eliminate traffic stains at the root, to provide a better clean that’s better for you and your rug. Our wash cleanses deep into the fabric to make your look, feel and be cleaner. We are actively researching and developing new methods and machines to achieve the best possible wash possible. Our work doesn’t stop here, we add new machinery, detergents and techniques to our arsenal every day. Starting from developing a better wash that’s better for you, to creating a centralized website where consumers can learn from our experience about rug maintenance as well as stay up to date on the progress of their rug, we will continue moving forward to find ways to raise the bar for our industry.