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Our mission is to provide the most effective rug cleaning service in the Los Angeles county. It’s simple: at Babash Rug Services, you will get the best wash for the best price around, period.

In-home steam cleaning may seem convenient, but these companies’ techniques leave dirt in your rug and can even damage your rugs. Our convenient pickup and delivery options make the process of having your rugs professionally cleaned a fast and easy experience.


Nothing beats a professional’s deep cleaning procedure. In order to determine the best method to eliminate stains, odor, and dirt from your rug, we carefully inspect your rug’s construction, condition, and dyes. This helps minimize the risks of damaging your rug. A better wash now also means fewer cleanings in the future. By choosing Babash, you are protect your health and your investment.


We offer a comprehensive cleaning process which includes our exclusive hand operated deep rug cleaning machine. This world-class machine gets more dirt and dust out of your cherished rug than the other rug cleaners entire wash, and it’s only the fourth step of our 11-step rug cleaning process! Our process will leave your rug dust-free, deep cleaned, and conditioned which will increase the life and beauty of your rug!



We are always looking for new techniques to give our customers the best possible results from our services, and our work speaks for itself! Browse our website or check out our Facebook page to see real and unedited results that we deliver to our customers every single day!


Imagine tracking a bunch of harsh toxic cleaning chemicals through your home and into your bed as you walk over your rugs. Sounds awful, right? Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals in their processes, which exposes your family and pets to harsh chemicals. Not at Babash. We use a 100% organic cleaning solution, that is customized for your unique rug.


It’s next to impossible to find a rug cleaner with our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction at a better price. Don’t take our word for it, our customers love us! “Less expensive than local competitors and they do a great job in a timely manner. Definitely using them again.” Frank T. – Yelp


Babash Rug Services is an award-winning Los Angeles based rug maintenance business committed to providing nothing short of excellence in quality service and customer satisfaction. Our area carpet cleaning is safe for your family and your rug, but tough on soil and grime! We offer drop off rug cleaning in Canoga Park, and also offer pickup and delivery options to Los Angeles, Encino, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks and surrounding areas.


Each of our rug repair specialists have at least 20 years of experience in restoring fine ancient rugs, including stain removal, and can restore your rug to its original condition. We make the process of restoring your rug convenient by providing our customers access to a one-stop rug maintenance facility. We strive to provide our customers access to a world-class rug cleaning and repair service.


We also offer our customers peace of mind by providing a rug services tracking code, which is the only one of its kind in the industry. The tracking process allows our customers to view our comments and pictures of your rug as it goes through our maintenance process. After receiving the code, customers can simply track their rug’s process through their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

How do you pronounce Babash?

Babash is pronounced as “baw-bawsh” and rhymes with car wash!

How much does it cost?

Due to the wide variety of rugs we cannot provide a comprehensive price list without knowing what types of rugs you have. Each rug requires a custom procedure and some are more difficult to wash than others. Call us for more information!

How long does it take?

It only takes 7 days to fully clean and dry your rug! Any repairs may take longer but an estimated time of completion will be given before the work begins.

How often should I clean my rug?

This depends on the volume of traffic in the area where the rug is laid down. At a minimum, even in low traffic areas, a rug must be washed once every two years to assure sanitation and its longevity!

What is your service area?

We offer pickup & delivery anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Beverly Hills, West LA, Santa Monica, Glendale and Hollywood. Other areas are covered as well, please call for more information.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We offer 20% off cleaning if you download our coupon and drop-off your rug at our facility in Canoga Park. Otherwise, we offer the same price year-round, a tremendous value!

Will "X" stain come out of my rug?

Food & traffic stains will come out through our vigorous cleaning procedure. While the germs and bacteria that are in the rug will be eliminated, the colors from stubborn stains such as those caused by coffee, tea, wine, urine or blood will not come out in a normal washing procedure. Any cleaning solution that would be able to eliminate these stains is very likely to damage your rug! In this case, after washing the rug, a stain removal procedure is offered to spot treat the affected areas using various techniques. Read more about this on our rug stain removal page.

Great! How do I get started?

If you’d like to drop the rug off at our facility, you can come anytime during our opening hours and we’d be happy to help you, no appointment required! To schedule pickup & delivery or if you have any other questions please call us at (818) 963-9153 or email us at [email protected]



Our lovely furry friends have accidents sometimes too. When your rug is soiled by pet urine or feces it is important to properly assure the safe extraction of as much of the containment as possible. Read our article on what to do when you stain your rug for more information on how to deal with these situations. The sooner the rug is professionally cleaned, the less damage will remain permanent.

Experience You Can Trust

Reza Hafezi, owner of Babash Rug Services, has over 28 years of experience in rug maintenance. Reza oversees Babash’s daily operations and even works in the facility himself, cleaning every rug with his team. This personal touch gives Babash an edge over the competition and provides our customers reassurance that their rugs are receiving only the highest quality of work and attention to detail. Babash is ready and able to clean any type of rug.

Wash. Repair. Appraise.

We are a one-stop service for all of your rug maintenance needs. A good rug’s life is extended when it is properly maintained by professionals. Even after your visit, we will provide you with valuable information and support to ensure your rugs are in good condition. When you work with us, your rugs will always be in good hands.