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5 Reasons To Regularly Clean Your Rug

5 Reasons To Regularly Clean Your Rug 16 Oct

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Rugs are the unsung heroes of our home’s decors. They effectively absorb our homes dust and allergens deep into their roots and help keep our rooms cleaner and fresher. However, depending on the amount of traffic the rug withstands, there is a point where the rug can no longer do this, as it has been filled from the root to the surface in dust. This point usually happens in about two years with average traffic. You can tell that it is at this point when the rug shows visible signs of traffic stains. At this point, vacuuming or steam cleaning the rugs doesn’t cut it anymore. A professional rug cleaner must dust and clean the rug by soaking it in water and cleaning it with specialized detergent. Here are our top five reasons to professionally clean and maintain your rugs.

1. Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Indoor dust comprises of dirt tracked in on your feet, human skin and airborne particles like pollen and soot. Rugs act like filters absorbing these airborne allergens, bacteria and toxic pollutants. By regularly cleaning your rugs, not only do you improve the look and hygiene of your floor coverings, but also the air quality of your space. Contaminated indoor air has been linked to long- and short-term respiratory problems. Better air promotes general well-being in the household.


2. Bringing Back Vibrancy

Layers of dust, food and traffic stains often cast a dark shadow over your rug and dim the colors out. Most people do not even remember what their rugs looked like when they were clean as this process occurs gradually. Let us remind you how good your home can look when your rugs’ true colors are displayed!

3. Removing Moths, Dust Mites & Other Dangerous Insects

You may not even notice some of these noxious critters until they’ve chewed up on a considerable portion of your rug, or worse yet, when you start noticing insect bites on your own skin. Along with these comes an indoor ecosystem of other creatures who will want to feed on them. Their presence is associated with reduced respiratory health, triggering asthma and other allergy related attacks.


4. Protect Your Investment

A good rug dies hard. You can keep a rug for generations if you keep it clean. Dirt, dust and grit act like sand-paper to a rug’s fibers. Walking over these contaminants results in wearing and tearing, fraying, reduced pile and discoloration of the fibers and dye loops, which dramatically reduces the lifespan of your rug. Therefore, regular vacuuming and professional rug cleaning are essential to making your rug last a lifetime or more.


5. Minimizing Microbial Contamination

Finally, rugs must be kept cleaned for sanitary purposes. A recent report concluded that carpets and rugs contain as much as 4,000 times the number of bacteria as a toilet seat – gross! [1] Since we step on our rugs with our bare feet, we also carry these dangerous pollutants onto our beds and other spaces at home. By washing and vacuuming carpets and area rugs on a reasonable regular basis, we dramatically improve the general cleanliness of our entire household.


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