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Rug Shaving Services

Reconnecting With The Roots

Starting from the 1950’s, rugs with heavy long piles became popular in The United States. Special edition rugs with this kind of pile were woven by Persian weavers specifically for the US ever since. However, nowadays it is believed that heavy long piles can demote the look and beauty of area rugs. As a part of our quality services, we can professionally trim your rugs to bring out its artistic attractiveness even more. An intensely shaved rug may look like antique pieces from 100 years ago, and offers a way to gain a brand new look for your rug. This is also an excellent solution to eliminate your rugs’ fading from sun damage. Chemically dyed rugs tend to lose their color in exposure to sun light. The process is not reversible. However, you may have an option if your rug still has pile. The fading on the surface of your rug isn’t the same as what’s inside of it, as the roots are probably still shining with the original colors. We can shave off a portion of the surface pile to bring back the vibrant colors your rug once had!