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Repairing A Missing Part of The Soul

Rugs suffering from fire damage, pet chewing, and ripping need a rug repair specialist who is able to utilize proper technique to restore the rug. The repair specialist must know what type of rug they are dealing with and have a good understanding of the pattern and design to restore it. Repair techniques are so intricately interwoven with rug weaving skills. In order to be able to re-weave the missing part of a damaged rug, a repair specialist needs to be well-informed of pattern-reading in an A to Z manner. We offer top-of-the line services in this regard. Our repair artists can recapture the original missing piece of the design to provide work that even the owner of the rug themselves wouldn’t be able to notice. You’ll forget which part of your rug was missing. We can provide you with estimates regarding the extent and cost of damages.