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What To Do When You Stain Your Rug

What To Do When You Stain Your Rug 22 Oct

This article is very important. We cannot count the amount of business we get from people who attempted to clean up a stain with solution that ended up making things much worse and increasing the cost of their repairs. Whether your little one spills food on the rug while watching TV or your furry best friend has an accident on the living room rug, it’s important to know how to properly handle a situation like this. Luckily for you, we have the insider tips on just how to take care of a situation like this. If you act fast, you just might be able to eliminate the stain entirely. If not, then you can at least minimize its impact and therefore the cost of professional repair, should it be needed.

Before anything else, we recommend using a highly absorbent paper towel over the stain to soak up as much of the stain as possible. You want to dab the stain without applying any pressure so as to avoid smearing the stain. Rubbing the stain will spread it around the rug resulting in higher stain removal fees! It also increases the probability of irreparable damage. Once you’ve done this, use a vacuum to create a suction seal around the stain for a few minutes. If your vacuum has a water treatment feature, then use it with fresh cold water to contaminate the stain and unsettle it. Do not mix in any detergent without consulting an expert first. If you mix in dish detergent or even carpet stain removal solution then you’re risking making the stain even worse or damaging the fabric and dyes of your rug. There is no detergent type that comprehensively and safely works on all types of fabrics and dyes. Once this step is complete we recommend leaving a blow dryer or a fan next to the area to evaporate as much away as possible. Doing this should remove anywhere from 60-100% of the stain. If you don’t have a vacuum or any way of fanning the stain (remember you can always use a blow dryer) then use a spoon to carefully eliminate as much as possible without spreading it around. If you’re not up to the task and the rug is freshly soiled, rush on over to Babash Rug Services and we will extract as much of the stain as possible using specialized vacuums to minimize damage. Check out the hilarious video below which should really be titled “what not to do when you stain your rug.”

Just dab it!!

Don’t use carpet stain solution. Not only are these solutions often meant for wall-to-wall carpets and machine-made rugs but they usually don’t even work on the products they were designed for, let alone your precious handwoven rug. Moreover, fine rugs, especially Persian ones, are highly susceptible to color bleeding when the wrong sets of detergents are used. While we never recommend the use of these products, especially on handwoven or fine rugs, if you do end up using one then we recommend testing it on a small corner of the rug to ensure that it is safe for your specific type of rug.

We’ve had several clients who attempted to clean their stains with in-store solution and a rug doctor only to have to pay more for repair because the solution ruined the colors of the rug and the stain didn’t come out. For example, one client accidentally spilled tea on a fine pure Persian rug and tried to wipe the stain with generic over-the-counter product. The rug was worth over $50,000! See pictures of what happened and what we did to eliminate the stain altogether. 

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