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Restore Your Rug

Rugs are often the most overworked pieces of decor in our house. After years of use from your friends, family and pets, it’s only natural for the rugs to become battered. Fine and antique rugs are often irreplaceable as they’re made in low quantities and have high demand. Rugs are timeless pieces of culture and lineage, with every rug carrying some sort of sentimental value. In this case, repairing the rug restores the damage that ruined your decor. It’s also often much cheaper to restore an antique or fine rug than to buy a new one. However, repairing these rugs requires years of experience and training. That’s why it’s important to select a business with a comprehensive team of specialists and a portfolio behind them. Our work is backed by experience from a team of repair specialists with a minimum 20 years of experience. The rug repair specialists job is to return the rug to its original condition, so the specialist must know their way around redesigning and weaving patterns, textures and materials to accomplish to this goal. These goals often take time to accomplish, and at Babash Rug Services we offer the convenience of a rug repair tracking code. Within hours of receiving your rug, we offer you a code with which you can see your rug as it goes through the process, step-by-step. It’s fast and convenient and we’re the only business in the industry to provide such a comprehensive tracking system.


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Rug Reweaving

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Stain Removal

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