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Carpet cleaners claim they have the expertise to handle fine rugs, but in most cases, they simply steam clean the surface of the rug. This is both an ineffective method of cleaning your rugs and a hazard to the safety of them! To ensure that you get the most mileage out of your investment you must only trust your rugs to area rug cleaners.


If your rug has been absorbing dust and pollutants in the air for several years then it will look like that. You’ll be shocked once you see your rug, which can sometimes look even better than when you bought them!


We make our own detergent here, customized individually for every rug. Ingredients we use include:

Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Extract, Natural Enzymes & more!

Most of our business comes from happy clients who refer their friends & family! We guarantee your happiness from the process!


No two handmade rugs are the same, even if they come in pairs! Our 28 years of experience allow us to operate on a wide variety of rugs using specialized methods based on the construction, condition and dyes of the rug; to determine what methods will best eliminate stains, odors, and contaminates – while removing risks of color bleeding, shrinkage, or damage to the rug. These are some, but not all, of the the types of the rugs that we offer our full appraisal, repair, and washing services on!

Turkish Rug Cleaning
Persian Rug Cleaning
Antique Rug Cleaning
Navajo Rug Cleaning
Chinese Rug Cleaning
Sheepskin Rug Cleaning
Shag Rug Cleaning
Flokati Rug Cleaning
Tufted Rug Cleaning
Moroccan Rug Cleaning
Pakistani Rug Cleaning

Silk Rug Cleaning
Wool/Silk Rug Cleaning
Synthetic Rug Cleaning
Pure Silk Rug Cleaning
Cotton Rug Cleaning
Olefin/Polypropylene Rug Cleaning
Viscose Rug Cleaning


Step 1: Inspection

The first step occurs when the customer is present. We analyze the construction of the rug to identify what type of rug it is and where it is from. This allows us to predict common issues that may arise when these rugs are washed so that we may discuss them with you before you proceed with cleaning. Then we check the rug for damage such as color bleeding, moth presence, rips and rotting. This allows us to determine what method of cleaning along with the right set of detergents should be used for maximum effectiveness while minimizing chances of damage. Once this is complete, our technician will go over the details of the procedure with the client, keeping them informed on what to expect from the job so that there are no surprises.

Rug Cleaning Business

Step 2: Full Water Immersion, Front & back

The key here is to soak the rug until it’s fully soaked in an abundant pool of water. During this step both the front and the back of your rug will be immersed in full fresh water bath. Using cold water, as opposed to hot or lukewarm, is very important and is used to ensure dye safety. The water settles inside the rug and unsettles trapped soils and pollutants inside of the rug. French drains ensure that the rug is constantly under a stream of fresh water, rather than bathing in its own filth. This is something that can never be done by a carpet cleaner, and should never be done at home for reasons that we will describe later on.

Hand Rug Cleaning

Step 3: Hand Wash

We utilize specialized hand brushes (and a whole lot of elbow grease) to thoroughly clean the edges, corners and fringes by hand. This allows us to pay careful attention to detail and reach areas of the rug that our machinery can’t. Moreover, fringes are too delicate and simply shouldn’t be cleaned by powerful machinery.  The organic detergents we’ve hand selected for this step will make your fringes shine like new again!

Rug Foam Cleaning

Step 4: Detergent + Brush Wash

A customized selection of detergents is selected for the surface area of the rug, completely organic, and applied to your rug. Some rugs require enzyme treatment to eat away protein and food bacteria. These enzymes remove stain and traffic stains and bring back the vibrant colors of your rug. The powerful rotary rug cleaning equipment we use has brushes that will clean the surface of the rug and unsettle any remaining soil from deep within the rug.

Rug Rinse

Step 5: Detergent Rinse

Here detergent left over from the first segment of cleaning is rinsed out of the rug so that we may apply yet another set of detergent to your rug. This is an important step to ensure that the mud within the rug isn’t just being moved around to other parts of the rug. So in essence, your rug is actually being cleaned twice, front and back!

Rug Cleaning Machinery

Step 6: Detergent + Deep Cleaning Finisher

After another set of detergents is applied, we use our “secret sauce,” a deep cleaning finisher, available only at Babash Rug Services. You can read more about our equipment here. This machine is hand-operated, allowing careful attention to detail. Long powerful leather strips rapidly spin on the rug to unsettle trapped air pollutants from deep within the rug and bring them to the surface. The speed and force of the machine is the key to how all of our rugs turn out so dramatically different after being washed. Just take a look at our before and after pictures! This treatment also helps the fibers blossom again after being worn down by years of traffic and use.

Rug Clean

Step 7: Flat Spade Treatment

We use flat spades to eliminate remaining trapped pollutants have been brought out to the surface of the rug by our finisher.  You can see this clearly in our cleaning videos as the water that comes out is a dark grey, almost back, color. This process is done multiple times and helps extract excess water from the rug and fixes the resting direction of the fibers to bring out a rugs natural vibrancy.

Rug Wringer

Step 8: Centrifuge Water Extraction

Your rug is loaded onto a centrifugal rug wringer that rotates over 2,000 times per minute and eliminates 95% of the water in the rug in minutes. It is essential to eliminate the water after the rug is fully immersed in water. Rugs that dry too slowly will become dull and bear a mildew-like odor. Worse yet, these rugs will also exhibit a yellow tint over some parts of them. This is why it is never advised to clean your rugs at home as you would have no means of quickly drying the rug.

rug brush

Step 9: Brush Treatment

Once the rug is taken our of the drier, we use specialized brushes to fix the sleeping direction of the rug. The brushes are gentle enough not to distort the fibers.

Rug Natural Sun Drying

Step 10: Drying With Natural Sun

Once your rug is out of our dryer it will still have a slight dampness to it akin to towel-dried hair after coming out of the shower. Over the next day, your rug will be continually rotated between air drying treatment in a temperature controlled room, with filtered air drying conditions, and layed out under the California sun to fully eliminate any remaining water in the rug. This natural drying technique has been used for ages because it is extremely effective. Most rug cleaners simply don’t have the outdoor space to use this technique.

Step 11: Final Vacuum

Once the rug is fully dried, specialized vacuums for fine rugs are employed to remove any dust that may have settled on the rug while it was drying. We go to great lengths to ensure the best results and this is an example of that. Most rug cleaners wouldn’t even brush your rug after they dry it, let alone go through a full front-and-back vacuum procedure on top of the cleaning. This is the final step before we package your rugs and deliver them back to you!

Not Convinced?

Did you know that carpets can have up to 4,000 times more bacteria on them per square inch than your toilet seat? Read about this and more on our article for top five reasons you should you regularly clean your rug. If you have a question or need a quote then click the button below to speak to a trained rug specialist right now or call us at (818) 963-9153.

sep-iconA Custom Process For Your Rug

All rugs are not created equal but with over 27 years of experience in the industry, our team knows how to get the best results through our rug cleaning services. Starting from mandatory pre-inspection, in which we evaluate the origin of you rug and test for dye stability, every step of the way is tailored to your needs. How we wash a shag rug greatly differs from how we wash a Tabriz silk Persian rug. We wash fringes and edges by hand, as the “shiraz” and fringes of the rug are more sensitive than the rest of your rug. If the rug is able to, we soak it in abundant water and clean with our 100% organic proprietary Babash cleaning solution. If the rug is not designed to go into water, we run it through a double steam cleaning process with tough Babash biodegradable detergents to get superior results. It’s one of the reasons why Babash Rug Services is the premier provider of rug cleaning services in the Los Angeles county.

sep-iconThe Best of Both Worlds

Throughout ancient history, rugs would be washed by scrubbing them with fresh water. They’d then leave them to drip dry before laying them under the sun to fully dry. Since then, most fine rugs have been created around the notion that they must be soaked in water to be properly cleaned. Our rug cleaning services include both a hand washed artisan style wash and a machine-based washed. Our equipment is highly flexible, allowing us to give your rug the attention to detail that only hand washing can provide, with the force that only our high powered machines can provide. We have some of the best equipment in the industry. This, along with an expert team of rug cleaning specialists (anyone who wishes to be a member of our rug cleaning team must forego a month long mandatory training before cleaning your rugs) provide our customers with superior results in rug cleaning services. Furthermore, the owner Reza Hafezi, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, is an active member of the washing process. This means your rugs are in good hands.

sep-iconRug Cleaning Pickup & Delivery In Calabasas

Who wants to haul a huge rug halfway through town and ruin their car seats? We make the process easy by providing pickup & delivery to our customers in the Los Angeles county. We also offer our customers a rug tracking code which they can use to gain instant access to a detailed overview of our process. This overview is step-by-step and shows pictures throughout the process so you can be confident in the quality of our service before we bring the rug back to you. We also offer a resource section of the website, where we keep you updated on how to keep your rugs in good shape after receiving them from us! After your visit, you’ll receive a personalized email with care instructions, among other useful information about your rug.



Our lovely furry friends have accidents sometimes too. When your rug is soiled by pet urine or feces it is important to properly assure the safe extraction of as much of the containment as possible. The sooner the rug is professionally cleaned, the less damage will remain permanent.


I highly recommend Babash rugs. If you are picky and care about your delicate rugs go to Babash. You will thank me for this review. Reza Hafezi’s work is a state of the art. I had lost hope in a rug that was so dirty and broken. He repaired it and washed it and I almost did not believe it was the same rug. Best rug cleaning service I know for sure.